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Adding Contact Forms

InstantPage® features an app that lets you display a contact form on your website. Visitors can then fill out the form and send information to an email address you specify. You can also list your own contact information on the contact app.

To Add the Contact App

  1. Log in to your InstantPage account. You can also log in by going to your InstantPage site, clicking Owner Login, and then entering the login information for your InstantPage account.
  2. From the Apps tab, go to Select Apps, and then click Contact. The contact app displays in the My Apps list and in your Menu block.
  3. Enter information in these fields:
    • Menu Name — Enter the name for your contact app you want to display in the menu block.
    • Title — Enter the name for your contact app you want to display as a header.
    • My Text (optional) — Enter a message or additional text.
    • My Address (optional) — Enter a physical address.
    • My Phone Number (optional) — Enter a phone number.
    • My Contact Form — Select to display the contact form, which lets visitors send you information.
    • My Email Address — Enter an email address to receive visitors' submissions through the contact app. Your email address doesn't display in the contact app.
  4. Click Save. The contact app is configured.

To edit the app, click the Wrench Icon, and then make your changes.

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