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Enabling UPS shipping

Enabling UPS as a shipping method in Quick Shopping Cart® lets you provide customers with shipping options using the UPS OnLine® Tools service. You must register to use this service.

However, you do not need to actually establish an account. If you have an existing account or would like to take advantage of the UPS OnLine Tools service, you can do so in the registration process. You can select this option and other options.

Rates are determined by weight, with a minimum weight of 0.1 pounds. If the weight is less than the minimum, then the shipping charge is calculated using the minimum weight.

To Enable UPS Shipping

  1. Log in to your Quick Shopping Cart account.
  2. From the Set Up menu, go to Operations, and then select Shipping.
  3. Next to the UPS, click Set Up. The UPS OnLine Tools Licensing & Registration Wizard displays.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Accept the license agreement by selecting Yes, I Do Agree at the bottom of the agreement, and then click Next.
  6. Enter your contact information.
  7. If you negotiated rates lower than those UPS publishes, to display those rates select I am currently a UPS member that has Account-specific Negotiated Rates, and then enter you account information.
  8. Click Next.
  9. In the Shipping Rules section, enter the following information:
    • Domestic Handling Fee — Enter a handling fee specific to domestic shipments, or enter 0.00 to charge no handling fee.
    • International Handling Fee — Enter a handling fee specific to international shipments, or enter 0.00 to charge no handling fee.
    • Shipper's Postal Code — Enter your postal code.
    • Pickup Type — Select an option for picking up packages.
    • Primary Customer — Select the primary customer.
    • Rate to display to customer — Select List Rates to use UPS's published rates, or Negotiated Rates if you negotiated lower rates.

      Note: When you select negotiated rates, UPS applies the discount to the order total. This might be confusing because individual packages in an order display the higher, published rates. However, the order total displays the lower, negotiated rates.

    • Rate Method — Select an option for packaging your products.

    Note: If you select to ship multiple products in the same package, you must configure the maximum weight and size you can use. Items are packed automatically based on declared item volume and declared box volume. Items exceeding max box weight or size ship separately. For more information about 'Dimensional Weight,' see the UPS Dimensional Weight Support page.

  10. Select the shipping options to provide your customers. You can select one or all available options.
  11. Click OK.

Note: To update your site with these changes, you need to publish it. For more information, see Publishing Your Storefront.

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