Get started

GoDaddy Cloud Servers lets you nimbly create servers - at many different sizes - and pay only for what you need.

Set up your account

  1. Sign up on our Cloud Servers page.
  2. After you've signed up, you can create your servers.

Start building

Now that you've created your servers, you can start developing.

  1. Find your servers' IP address, and then connect to them via SSH (Windows / Mac OS X).
  2. Develop your stack.
  3. Once you've got everything working, point your domains to your servers.

Create templates

After you have everything working the way you want, you can create templates (known as snapshots) for your builds. This makes it simple in the future to spin up new servers that are exactly like your existing one.

  1. Take a snapshot of a server
  2. Create server from snapshot

What next?

Now that you've got your account situated, here are the next things we recommend taking care of:

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