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I'm switching hosting plans. Which plan should I select?

You might be developing a website using technologies that aren't available on your existing hosting plan. We have several hosting plans that meet a variety of needs. You can switch plans at any time.

NOTE: For more information about the differences among the plans, see Which components does my hosting support?

When you're switching plans, you have up to three different options:

  • Upgrade your existing platform (from Economy to Deluxe, for example).
  • Change the operating system from Windows® to Linux®, and vice versa.
  • Switch your platform from a plan labeled 'hosting" to a plan labeled "Web hosting."*

*We offer two separate hosting architectures—a standard architecture where your content is hosted on one server (hosting) and a more advanced architecture where your content is stored on multiple servers (Web hosting). While the advanced architecture reduces the potential for downtime, improves site performance and scales to handle traffic spikes, it does not support as many programming languages.

NOTE: Depending on the current technologies used on your site, our auto-migration might not display certain options. For example, if you are using, you can't switch to Linux plans because Linux plans do not support

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