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GoDaddy Bantuan

Mendapatkan kembali akses ke domain atau akun GoDaddy saya

Kirim permintaan untuk mendapatkan kembali akses ke domain atau akun jika Anda:

  • Kehilangan akses ke alamat email yang tercantum di akun Anda.
  • Are listed as the domain registrant, but do not have access to the account with the domain.

Catatan: Jika Anda memiliki akses ke alamat email yang terkait dengan akun Anda, tetapi tidak dapat masuk, coba reset kata sandi Anda.

  1. Buka formulir Dapatkan Kembali ke Akses Saya.
  2. Select Email Access, Domain Access, or 2-Step Verification Access.
  3. Enter one or more domain names in your account and then select Next.
    • If you don't have any domain names, turn off the Identify account by domain(s) toggle. Enter your Customer Number and Login Name to continue.
  4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone Number, and then select Next.
    • Jika Anda meminta akses ke suatu domain, masukkan alamat email yang berbeda dari alamat email yang terkait ke domain.
  5. Upload a scanned or digital color photo of your government-issued photo identification. If you're not the account holder or domain registrant, upload identification for both the account holder or registrant and yourself. When the upload is done, select Next.
    • Wait... why do you need my ID? We require an ID to make sure that you're the account owner, so we can keep your account safe from any takeover attempts. Rest assured that the information you send is protected and isn’t used beyond the need to verify your account ownership. For more information, see our Terms of Service.
  6. In the dropdown list, select Yes or No to verify whether a company is listed as the account holder and then select Next.
    • If you select Yes, enter the Company Name and upload a government-issued document for company identification.
      Note: Articles of Incorporation and documents printed from internet websites can not be accepted.
  7. (Optional) Select Yes or No to verify whether you also want to cancel 2-step verification for the account and then enter any additional information.
  8. Pilih Berikutnya.
  9. Next to the agreement(s), select the checkbox and then complete the security challenge.
  10. Select Submit. We'll reach out to you directly about your request (in the order it was received).

Catatan: Proses ini sedang mengalami permintaan dalam jumlah besar. Kami berusaha untuk memberi tanggapan secepat mungkin.

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