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What filename does my PHP initialization file need to use?

The file name your PHP initialization must use depends on the type of hosting account you have.

Hosting account type Filename Location
Linux Hosting with cPanel .user.ini /public_html (one per account)
Windows Hosting with Plesk .user.ini Website root (one per website)
Managed WordPress .user.ini /html (one per website)

Note: Managed WordPress accounts also support using php.ini files, but because it's difficult to refresh them when they're updated, we recommend using .user.ini files instead.

Related steps

More info

  • See the PHP documentation for further info on PHP files.
  • .user.ini files are only compatible with PHP 5.4 and later, and you can't modify all of the same settings as with php.ini files. For further info, see the PHP documentation for user.ini files.
  • Web & Classic Hosting accounts running Windows with IIS 6 don't support PHP initialization files.

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