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Pro Managed WordPress support services

Note: Pro accounts are available only in the United States and Canada.

When you purchase a Pro Managed WordPress plan, you get direct access to expert support through our Pro Advanced Care team. Call us for assistance with the tasks listed below.

Advanced Support issues

  • Review plugin/theme issues on our platform in depth: Identify server-side issues, and analyze logs and other errors
  • Explain how to use advanced features with GoDaddy Pro Sites: updates, backups, site cloning, security & performance scans, uptime notifications
  • Help with core navigation of WordPress such as the WP-admin dashboard
  • Monitor Managed WordPress hardware and network
  • Identify platform-related performance issues
  • Security Monitoring
  • Assist with migrating sites
  • Install a GoDaddy SSL certificate on Managed WordPress

Standard Support issues

  • Renew Managed WordPress
  • Explain our Managed WordPress features and benefits
  • Provision your Managed WordPress account
  • Set up your domain with Managed WordPress
  • Use our hosting control panels
  • Provide basic settings for your SFTP client
  • Explain how to upload files to your Managed WordPress account
  • Daily file and database backups
  • Explain how to migrate your WordPress site to Managed WordPress via GoDaddy Pro Sites

Tasks not covered by the Pro Advanced Care team

The tasks listed below are outside our scope of support. For help, check our WordPress Premium Support catalog, or you can hire a Pro through our Pro Connect program.

  • Customizing your WordPress theme, or helping with your website layout or design
  • Troubleshooting third-party domains, services, networks or applications
  • Troubleshooting clients, scripts, applications or other content you installed
  • Installing third-party SSL certificates
  • Configuring your website’s SEO settings
  • Creating custom DNS zone files
  • Configuring your email or FTP client
  • Troubleshooting private name servers
  • Checking for cross-browser compatibility
  • Automatically updating to the newest, most secure, version of WordPress
  • Installing the newest, vetted, version of WordPress on our platform

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