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Setting cPanel Email Default Addresses

cPanel email's Default Addresses are also known as "catch-alls." With a Default Address enabled, cPanel routes any email sent to addresses at your domain name that do not exist to the account's Default Address. For example, if your Default Address is and someone emails a non-existent address,, cPanel forwards the email to

To Set Default Addresses

  1. Verify that the email address you want to use as your Default Address exists. If it doesn't, you need to create it. For more information, see Set up email accounts.
  2. In the Mail section of the cPanel homepage, click Default Address.
  3. From the Send all unrouted email for menu, select the domain name you want to use.
  4. Select one of the following options, and then click Change:
    Select To...
    Discard with error to sender Enter an error message when an email is sent to an invalid address.
    Forward to email address Enter the address where you want to forward emails sent to invalid addresses.

You can also use one of the Advanced Options, which cPanel has documented here.

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