Which version of TLS is my hosting account using?

When you are accepting payments on your website, your merchant(PayPal, Stripe, etc...) may ask you to confirm which version of TLS is currently supported on your GoDaddy hosting account. Below is a list of the different hosting environments offered by GoDaddy, and the versions of TLS that are available on them.

Note: If your merchant requires PCI compliance, this is only available via Quick Shopping Cart, or a dedicated server.

Current Version of TLS on GoDaddy Hosting
Platform TLS 1.0 TLS 1.1 TLS 1.2
Managed Wordpress
Shared cPanel
Shared Plesk
2g Linux - -
2g Windows - -
4GH Linux -
4GH Windows -
Website Builder/GoCentral

You can use the Certificate Checker to confirm which version of TLS is currently running on your website

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